From the moment you land in Entebbe’s modern and efficient international airport, with its breathtaking equatorial location on the forested shore of island- strewn Lake Victoria, it is clear that Uganda is no ordinary safari destination. Regardless of whether you are a first time guest or an experienced African voyager, we promise you will appreciate Uganda; with its extraordinary mix of Savannah and woodland animals, its uncommon abundance of mountains, lakes and living spaces – it is essentially astonishing. Holiday Link Africa would love to share this experience with you!

Uganda is the meeting point of the East Africa Savannah and the West African wilderness with an interesting land setting that accommodates an uncommon blend of watching lions lurking the open fields in the morning, following the chimpanzees through the rain woodland in a similar evening, following day explore the tropical channel cooperating with hippos and Nile crocodiles before setting off into the foggy mountains to gaze profound into the eyes of a Mountain Gorilla, yet hold up, there is a whole other world to this nation than untamed wildlife.

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Entebbe International Airport lies 40km from the Capital City –Kampala. Kampala is rich in social history, tune, dance, craftsmanship and theater. Heritage aside, Kampala guarantees a genuinely cosmopolitan choice of lodgings, bars, clubs, street food, museums and shopping centers. The cuisine is varied! Here you will discover a combination of cooking styles from everywhere throughout the world accessible to suit each taste bud. For the business voyager in Uganda for just a couple of days, short excursions in Kampala and its environs can be orchestrated to provide for your time sensitive requirements.
Adventurers and adrenaline seekers will feel at home at the powerful waterway Nile that streams on a 3,0000Km excursion downstream to Egypt in 90 days. The Nile is punctuated by a progression of falls that incorporate the Murchison Falls and one of the world’s most exciting commercial white water rafting spots at the Bujjagali falls. Go climbing in the snow topped Ruwenzori mountain ranges for a thrilling test through good country view. Begin or end up in the charming Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria or Lake Bunyonyi. Uganda is bird watchers haven; with over 1000 bird species distributed in the this otherwise compact size country means that bird watchers are able to view different bird species with relative ease.

Uganda is also claimed to be the friendliest country in Africa. Uganda has gained this reputation universally for the most part because hospitality stems deep from the cultural practice of the populace. Come and experience an amicable quality that extends well beyond the easygoing nature of the people of Uganda.