This National park stretches from the north to south eastern Rwanda, covering more than a thousand square kilometers. The park is named after the Akagera River which cuts through the park and is considered the most remote source of the river Nile.

Akagera National park identifies as Rwanda’s big five game park. Wildlife in the Akagera National Park includes a dozen type antelopes, handsome chestnut-coated Impala, elephant, buffalo, zebra and hyena. Akagera is also a birding paradise with over 525 species and some of Africa’s most dense concentration of water Birds.The Park is adorned with many lakes which are home hippos and Nile crocodile which is the largest reptile in the world.

The park is low lying and therefore the climate is relatively warmer. It also very expansive, you could drive for hours without encountering another vehicle which makes it ideal for wildlife safaris.