Unlike any other Destination on earth, Kenya is the essence of diversity. commonly referred to as the “Safari Capital of the world” combined with some of the finest 500 kms beaches on the Indian Ocean.

Kenya is dominated in geographically by the Great Rift Valley, a cast kilometer -deep trough that bisects the country from the north to south , its floor is dotted with smoking craters, dormant cones and several lakes. Latitudinal Kenya is one of a dozen countries worldwide to spanning both hemisphere with the equator and within a km is the jagged peaks of mount Kenya with its permanent glacier activity.

Kenya is home to more than a dozen of different indigenous ethnic groups each with its won language, customs and history. These range from the El Molo fishermen of Turkana region, agricultural kikuyu of central highlands, the Pastoralist and staunchly traditionalist Masai and Samburu down to the coast Islamic culture strongly informed with the Arabic.


Kenya is renowned for its wildlife. A Kenyan safari is a truly African experience combining the animals in the plains such as the world famous Masai Mara, the Rift Valley, Amboseli, Samburu and Tsavo game reserves. In total Kenya has 54 national parks and reserves, combine with the private Conservancies and sanctuaries they cover 10% of the land area. The coast has over seven Marine National parks and reserves.

The 7th wonder of the world recognizes Masai Mara Wildllife Reserve with its legendary Greatest annual migration of up to two million wildebeest arriving from the Serengeti plains in the neighboring Tanzania Every August  sticking around for a couple of months as they graze the Green pastures of the region before traipsing back southwards.

Nairobi being the capital city is usually the start of that wonderful safari, a bursting  modern capital of over 3 million people boasting genuinely world class amenities that is comparable with  only a handful of cities in the Sub-Saharan Africa, yet its capital’s industrial park  belts end just a few meters of Nairobi National park and East African busiest Airport Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

To complement the safari experience Kenya re-nowed for its world class hospitality in the modern or rural setting this completed by an very hospitality service oriented population.

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