East Africa boasts of over 1750 species of the world’s 8600 bird species; Kenya holds over 100 bird species making Kenya the greatest county in Africa for bird watching
Birdwatchers may end up seeing over 60 % of all African birds. Kenya vast grasslands massive mountain and tropical coast line serves home to great numbers of endemic and migrant species

Kenya species can be classified into ;-


Mostly located in the Rift valley lakes abound the grasslands and acacia woodlands and surround them. Over 400 speciies have been recorded around the freshwater lakes, the include Greater and lesser Cormorant African Darter, Goliath heron and blacked headed heron, squacco heron hadada ibis and sacred ibis Duck and Geesse.

Birds of prey

Most common also along the Rift valley lake shores most common species include Fish Eagle, Malachite kingfisher and pied kingfisher, grey headed Gull Red knobbed coot, and African jacana

Alkaline lake birds

Lake Nakuru is known for the lesser and greater flamingoes with over 6 million species being noted others being noted are white pelican and link backed pelican, black winged stilt and yellow billed stork while migratory marabou stocks waders and ploves ruff and blacksmith plovers are also common

Coastal zone area birds

Mostly viewed from April – may mostly eurpean migratory birds and are at time hard to identify due to their migratory nature; the coast birds include;- Greenshank; little stint, sanderling, great white egret, yellow billed egret and white egret, African spoonbill, water thicknee, white fronted and carmine bee eaters.

Woodland birds

Usually foind in trees , bushes reeds along the coastal rivers or streams. Species include the secretary bird, augur buzza, helmette guinea fowl. Kenya has over 16 species of speckled pigeon

Attractive birds

Kingfisher, silvery cheeked hornbill ground hornbill and red billed hornbill are generally easy to locate in this region


Amongst this include the short legged woodpecker, there are also the larger family paradise flycatcher, the most photographed superb starling, blue eared glossy starling and violet backed starling.

Dessert birds

Mostly located in the dry bush and semi desert country northern sector of kenya they include pale chanting goshawk, kuri bustard and spotted thicknee.
In the hoy arid areas are the sandgrouse, Chestnut belled sandgrouse, along the rift vally are the red and yellow barbet. White headed buffalo weaver and the vitelline masked weaver

Grassland birds

The over 2 to 3 meters height ostrich and cattle egrets are common species in this sector

The aloft vultures are common site in the national park, several variety include lappet faced vulture, Ruppell vulture. Black shouldered kit and black kite are common species in kenya