Rwanda has a rich culture and strong traditions. Music, dance and craft are at the heart of the communities here. A glimpse into Rwanda’s rich history is provided in numerous memorial sites and museums preserved across the country. Visit the superb National Museum in Butare. This museum has perhaps the finest ethnographical collection in East Africa. You will be absorbed by the eye catching traditional artifacts and the turn-of the-century monochrome photographic collection providing insights not only into the pre-colonial lifestyles but also the into the subsequent development of Rwanda as a modern African State.

Butare is also near the traditional seat of Rwanda’s monarchy – Nyabisindu. You will be fascinated by the Royale palace; an enormous domed construction made entirely of traditional materials. This palace has since been restored to its 19th century glory and is now maintained as museum.

Kigali Memorial centre

In the Kigali Memorial centre you will find three permanent exhibitions on display, the largest of which document the genocide of 1994.

Here you will find a children’s memorial and history of genocides in other parts of the world. The centre is built on the ground where 259,000 genocide victims are buried. In Camp Kigali you will find displays of one stone pillar for each soldier with their age marked in lines.

A great souvenir take away Rwanda would be the traditional Agaseke basket. This basket is given to someone as a sign of love and respect. A reconciling aspect of the basket is that Hutu, Tutsi and Twa women sit side by side to weave these baskets without regard for their cultural differences.

The Intore dancers are also a splendid sight to see.