Volcanoes National Park

These volcanic mountains are a protected area that form Rwanda’s portion of the Virunga Mountains that stretches from the Congo towards Tanzania. Virunga Volcanoes is a chain of about 8 volcanoes of which 3 are considered still active. They are located in the East African Rift Valley and it is alleged that they are park of this Rift. This area is protected as it home to many endangered species. All the volcanoes are dormant apart from two which are still active.

The Volcanoes National park is home to the Mountain Gorillas and this is perhaps the only place they can be found in their natural habitat. Naturally the main source of attraction to this Park is the trekking the mountain Gorilla but the park has a lot more to offer. The mountain Gorilla survive today to the dedicated work of Researcher Dian Fossey who was buried in these mountain, the trail leading up her tomb is a challenging 1 hr 45 minutes hike up steep slopes where occasional mountain gorillas can be seen.

Hike the trails to the beautiful Mount Bisoke crater or even to the summit of Mount Karisimbi which is the 5th highest mountain in Africa. The twin lakes Burera and Ruhundo offer unparalleled water birding experience. The Volcanoes Park is also home to over 100 bird species. There are 52 surveyed caves in these mountains; caving tourism is a viable and exciting option here.