Bwindi National Park

One of Uganda’s quintessential experiences is Tracking Mountain Gorillas, very few experiences match the first meet up with these giant cousins of man. This is Uganda’s star attraction-The endangered mountain gorilla. These gorillas are bulkiest of the living primates and also among the most peaceable. These primates are said to be 90% human and only about 700 survive.
These are divided into five habituated guerrilla troops; four in Bwindi National Park and one in Mgahinga National Park.
Tracking for mountain gorillas is possible throughout the year due to the favorable weather. However, most prefer to track the gorillas in the months of June and between December and February. These are the high seasons. Tracking the gorillas in the low season is also possible and the permits are relatively cheaper.
The gorillas tracking permits are limited to only 72 per day. To minimize disturbances to these endangered great apes; only eight people may track each of the habituated gorilla group each day, while the viewing time is limited to one hour.

Gorilla parks include;-
– Bwindi National park
– Mgahinga National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Uganda’s foremost tourist attraction and indeed one of the world’s most remarkable wildlife encounters, is tracking the rare Mountain Gorillas in the remote forests of the south -western Uganda. Bwindi National Park has 12 gorilla families. Most of these are located in the northern part and the southern part of the park which have a tropical rain forest.
These magnificent animals, found exclusively in the most of Bwindi impenetrable and VIrunga National parks, number less than 800, over half of them are in Uganda.